Moral Story of Tapas (Discipline)

Many of you may have heard the word, ‘Tapas’. It is an ancient yoga tool to be precise. All those who give themselves to this form of self-discipline are bound to get their goals. You can also tap into your inner vitality, to achieve your true potential. By developing perseverance and inner strength, you can push through all sorts of challenges in your life. Practice ‘Tapas’ to make positive changes within you and around you.

In this context, you must hear of a story that centres on ‘Tapas’.

Moral Story of Tapas  | Rajesh – The Procrastinator

There was a young boy called Rajesh, who lived with his parents in a town. He was very bright and dreamt of becoming successful one day. However, he lacked discipline. He would often delay all his chores, homework, and commitments. As he grew older and reached college, he saw that this nature was holding him back from achieving success in several quarters. He had trouble completing classwork, homework, and assignments, and his friends stopped talking to him, as he did not keep his commitments.

He had joined a part-time job, while at college, to supplement his home’s income. However, he lost that, as he was always late in completing his work.

The Realization

One day, he realized that his lack of direction and callousness was costing him dearly, at every point. He decided to make some changes in his life. He also realized that to get success, he had to become disciplined and goal-oriented.

So, he began implementing changes in his life. He started waking up early in the morning and also went for a jog. He would make routines to complete homework, and he also allotted some time for entertainment. Moreover, he also performed all his duties on time, at another part-time job that he managed to get. He would always try to stick to his schedule, the best he could.

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However, this was not so easy, especially for someone, who was so callous. He used to get distracted very easily. However, he persisted with his efforts. Over time, he saw that he was also getting fruitful results. He was getting praised by teachers, and also won accolades. Moreover, he also developed a close-knit friend circle. He also got a promotion at work, and his part-time job was rewarded with a full-time opportunity.

So, Rajesh patted himself on the back, for all the dedication and hard work. Moreover, he continued to work hard and led a disciplined life. He got lots of promotions, raises, and praise at work.

The moral of the story is, that you should follow a routine and stay focussed, no matter how far the goal is. Do not be bogged down by distractions and obstacles.

In Yogic Context

So, if you have ever gone through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, you will know that ‘Tapas’ is one of the five Niyamas. Conflicts inside the mind often team up with ego, to ignite a fire within. You must use that fire in the right manner, to burn the impurities within the body.

Moreover, you can use it, as a spiritual source of energy. The fire element is regarded as one of the most important elements, as it impacts many physiological processes. It is a very transformative power.

There are three kinds of Tapas. They are body, speech, and mind. With respect to the body, the practice leads to honesty, purity, and worship. In speech, it gifts one with truth, kindness, and praise. In the mind, it produces gentleness, compassion, and restraint.

In Yoga, Tapas can help in strengthening your willpower and focus. You will be able to balance the mental, spiritual, and physical realms, with its help. Learn about all of this and more at Hari Om Yoga Vidya School in Rishikesh.

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