What Is Yoga Teacher Training?

It is very simple as it sounds. Yoga teacher training is the training, which is imparted to teachers, who would teach students yoga. Most people think that yoga is a fitness discipline, which it is actually not. It is a holistic science. There is more to yoga, than just asanas. What you see, is superficial. There are other practices associated with yoga, like Pranayama, meditation, mantra chanting, kriyas, and so on. Yoga Alliance located in America, is one of the commanding bodies in this genre. It has the power to give accreditation to schools, so that they can conduct courses. Any student, who completes the Yoga Alliance accredited courses can teach anywhere across the globe. The yoga teacher training courses can be divided in the 200-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour courses.

If you intend to teach students, then you need to enroll for one such course. There are other renowned schools that offer certifications of their own. However, you cannot teach globally, with those certifications. The Yoga Alliance certified courses give you a global platform. There are certain things that you should know, before embarking on the journey or career. Read about them here, in complete details.

Starting Preparations For Training

The first things that you ought to ask yourself, is why you want to do the training. Most students today are fascinated by the never-ending hype around yoga. If you are one of them, then this yoga course is not for you. If you want to make a career in holistic sciences and alternative therapy, then yoga is for you. You can also do it to strengthen your self-practice.

Before you decide upon a yoga teacher training course, understand that there are different forms of yoga. Moreover, there are different levels of teacher training as well. You can read through some of the books and authentic texts, like Vedas before you plunge inside the realm. If you have never practiced yoga before, you need not worry. Yoga is for everyone.

Always join a course, no matter, where you do it, with an open heart and an open mind. Be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn. Moreover, you will come across various regions, that boast the best yoga education. Choose one after careful research. The top places for yoga TTC include Rishikesh, Mysore, Goa, and Kerala. There are many schools in such places. Before embarking on the journey of yoga TTC, you must find out about the school, its certifications, reviews, and teacher standards. This is just one part of the preparations. You should know more about the different types of trainings, that are available.

Types of Yoga Teacher Training

It goes without saying, that the best yoga teacher training in rishikesh will get you where you want to be. There are many types of courses that you can go for.

  • Multi-Style Yoga TTC – It is one of the most common yoga teacher training courses. You will find a wide range of topics covered under this course. The various styles that are generally taught in this variant are Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and sometimes Kundalini Yoga. Apart from these forms, you will also learn about various Pranayama practices, meditation, and kriyas. Mantras are also a part of the course. This is the most popular type of yoga course, as you learn more about the various styles of asanas. The course can be of 100 hours, 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours. As a beginner, who will not be able to devote a month to learning, you can choose the 100-hour course, and come back again to complete another 100 hours. Both of these will get you the 200 hours certification. After you complete the 200 hour yoga teacher training course, you will be eligible to teach. You can also go for the 300-hour course. The 500-hour course is an advanced and comprehensive course, which includes the content of the 200-hour and 300-hour courses.
  • Hatha Yoga TTC – This is a yoga course that centres around Hatha Yoga. You will learn only one single form, in this type of course. Most beginners are encouraged to start with this course. It is more about the physical body, rather than the mind and soul here. You will learn how to become more stable and balanced, by practicing Hatha Yoga. It is the preparation towards higher realms. If you do not strengthen the physical body, you cannot aim for a connection with the divine. And, that is why this training is of utmost importance. It is based on Hatha Yoga Pradipika. If you want to enrol for the best yoga teacher training course in rishikesh, you should head to Hari Om Yoga Vidya School. They have the best infrastructure and faculty, to provide you with the best education.
  • Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga TTC – Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga follows Patanjali’s Sutras. You will study about the eight limbs of yoga, as a part of the course. In the traditional Ashtanga style, the course is designed in a stringent manner, and it concentrates on all those practitioners, who want to attain salvation. The Ashtanga-Vinyasa style is more subdued, as it suits the family person. The yoga form is more dynamic, with respect to Hatha Yoga. There are six series in this form, the primary series, intermediate series, and four advanced series. Gaze and breath are very important in this practice.
  • Kundalini Yoga TTC – It is a more spiritual form of yoga, when compared to the earlier forms. Every individual has a dormant serpent or Kundalini at the base of the spine. It is the source of immense power or female shakti. When awakened, the power can make huge transformations in one’s life and surroundings. Kundalini awakening is a part of the course, wherein the teacher initiates the same. Sometimes, the awakening takes place on its own as well, and at such times, the presence of a Guru is important. The course also includes the lessons on chakras and blockages. If the chakras are blocked, the energy cannot travel upwards. So, in that case, you need to perform certain asanas and kriyas to facilitate the energy transfer.

These are the main types of yoga ttc that you can enrol in. There are some basic guidelines in all the courses. You must read them here.

Curriculum Of The Yoga Teacher Training Courses

There are various yoga courses in rishikesh, and all of them have a few things in common. It goes without saying, that you will learn about the asanas according to the specific form, pranayama, meditation, mantras, kriyas, bandhas, and mudras. However, this is just the practical part. If you are eager to teach yoga, you should have a solid foundation, which is possible with the theoretical knowledge. You will learn about Yoga anatomy, physiology, and philosophy as a part of the course, as well. Apart from these, you will also cover teaching pedagogy, alignment corrections, variations of asanas, and disease management. Yoga is a therapeutic discipline and you will get students later, who are looking for therapeutic and restorative yoga. So, these are also included in the courses. If you want to know in more detail, then you have to enroll in separate specialized courses. Sun salutations are also important in this discipline and covered as well.

You can connect with Hari Om Yoga Vidya School, which is one of the most renowned schools in Rishikesh. Join the yoga ttc and see more pathways opening up in front of you.

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