How To Become The Best Yoga Teacher?

How to become the best yoga teacher – he world probably knows what yoga is. It is quite popular as a spiritual discipline. However, most people see it as a physical discipline, rather than a mental one. If you are also one of them, it is not your fault. Most magazines and journals list out or showcase the images about yoga, in the form of Padmasana, Sukhasana, and other meditative postures. So, many people are of the opinion, that you must do physical exercises, with breath consciousness. And, that is what yoga is precisely about. But, that is not true, to be exact. The best yoga school in Rishikesh, will show you the way.

Before, we delve into the strategies and ways, through which you can become the best teachers of yoga, you must know what yoga truly is.

Yoga Teacher
Yoga Teacher


Yoga Teacher – What Is Yoga?

According to the yoga centre in Rishikesh, yoga is a spiritual science which aims to bring harmony and balance, between the mind, body, and the spirit. You can call it an art as well. It is the art of meditation, to be exact. If you join a yoga teacher training course in India, you will be treated to nothing but deep-rooted traditional education. Moreover, yoga is deeply associated with Ayurveda. It is a sister science, which segregates human body constitutions into Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. And, yoga practice in the proper manner is said to balance all of the three.

The main objective of yoga practice is the realization of the self and ego dissolution. Once you are able to achieve these qualities, you are a step closer to Moksha. Yoga also means union. It can denote different spiritual goals for different people, but the ultimate engagement happens with the universe. Many people take up yoga education for self-development, while the others take it up to teach others. No matter, what your goal is, the ultimate aim is the union between the mind, body, and the spirit.

Now there are different kinds of yoga practices. Each originated from a separate school. Moreover, it has travelled through the 5,000 years, from Pre-classical stage to the Modern stage. So, each era has added a few qualities to yoga practice, and you can learn about the same, only under the guidance of the best teachers.

Hatha Yoga happens to be the oldest form of yoga. Today, you will come across various yoga practices, like Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. Both come after Hatha Yoga. Moreover, there are sub-branches like Yin yoga, therapeutic yoga, Power yoga, Kundalini yoga, and so on. All these forms come under the umbrella term, ‘Hatha Yoga’. You must always start with Hatha Yoga, and then navigate to the other yoga practices.

Now, that you have a fair idea about the concept of yoga, you can find out ways that you can undertake, to become the best yoga teacher.

Yoga Teacher
Yoga Teacher

Ways To Become The Best Yoga Teacher

  • Join an accredited yoga school. Yes, this is the first step that you need to take. However, you have to take the decision with caution. When you start searching online, you will come across numerous yoga schools. Try to find out all the details about the school, not just from the site, but through referrals as well. Yoga Alliance certification is seen with a lot of respect in the market. You can join a school, which is certified by Yoga Alliance. It is an accepted certification, across the globe. An accredited school provides you with a Yoga Alliance certification, and after getting the same, you can apply for RYT certification. It will help you to grab the best yoga teacher training jobs.

  • Find the right course. Apart from finding an accredited yoga school, there is another task that you need to perform. You have to zero down on the right course. Different schools have different courses in yoga. The 200 hour yoga TTC is one of the most common courses, which you can enrol yourself in. It will give your career that jumpstart which you deserve. Apart from the certification, you have to see, if the course contents are suitable for you. The yoga form is also a differentiating factor. You may want to enrol yourself in a course, which teaches Hatha Yoga to start with. It is best to build your strength and stamina. The right course will help you to equip yourself with the right skills.

  • The next step that lies ahead, is to attend the classes on a regular basis. You must join a residential course at an ashram, for that matter. Such courses will ensure that you are following a stringent routine for around 1 month. That is the bare minimum for a 200 hour course. You need to experience the life of a yogi, if you want to imbibe the same qualities. Yoga education can help you to gain a foothold in the market. It acts like a differentiating factor or qualification. You must make it a point to engage in self-practice sessions as well, on a daily basis, at the ashram after school hours. You will face difficulties, and can solve them, then and there.

  • Once you have done the above, it is time for some personal practice. It will be good for you, if you do not rush into things. Take some time off from your mundane life, after completing the course. You must indulge in self-practice after that. It can be a great experiential learning experience for you. You will face issues at first, and you can always go back to your school, over the phone and get them answered. The same queries may come to you, from your students in future. So, this is the time to learn what may come forth. You will teach what you know, eventually. Explore your body and mind, to unearth some more possibilities. You can put them to good use after you join any school, as a teacher.

  • You must ask about practice teaching and mentorship opportunities, from your school or teachers. All the schools which are serious about delivering quality education, will have some teaching classes for students. Practice teaching classes are extremely important, as they will help you to learn how to actually teach in the class. Teaching pedagogy is also a part of the 200 hour yoga teacher training course, for that same reason. You must do practice teaching at your school, and also ask for guidance. Observe how your teachers teach inside the class. There will be all types of students in a yoga class. Some will be beginners, some intermediates, and a few professionals. Moreover, there may be students, who have challenges. You have to handle all the genres.

  • Even after you have crossed the above processes, you must ensure to continue learning. Yoga education can be a lifelong friend, if you really want it to be. You must ensure to go for refresher courses from time to time. Additionally, you can enrol yourself in varied short term yoga courses, as well. It will help you to expand your skills. Once you have done that, you will be able to gain more students. Your passion will speak for yourself in the long run. Do not limit yourself, to one style. Try to practice more and cover more forms of yoga. This acts as a marketing tool, too.

So, here you have learnt about the various ways, you can become the best yoga teacher. However, there are certain qualities that you also need to develop within yourself, to get ahead.

Qualities Which Can Give You A Push In Your Yoga Teacher Career

  • Apart from the above, you must make sure to act patiently and persistently. These pay off, in the long run. You have to keep one thing in mind, and that is you cannot become famous overnight. After you have completed your courses, you must keep practicing. Do not get dejected, if you do not get a huge number of students at first. Instead of sulking, you can use that time to learn more and know more about the sphere. Some schools may also reject your application, if they get experienced candidates. You must take all these things in a positive manner. You must keep working hard and smart, to gain the best.

  • You should always affix the goal, in your mind. And, have a strong desire to achieve the best in your life and career. This is one of the most fruitful qualities of the yoga teachers. You must consider yoga as your dharma. At times, you may want to teach people for free. Try to put in some community services, so that people start knowing about you. Once people know that you teach, you will get enquiries. Do not get diverted, if the times are not good. If you keep focussing on your goal, in some time, you will definitely reach, where you want to.

  • Thirdly, do not doubt your abilities. The market is rich, so you may fear getting lost. However, you must ensure to stay on track. You must keep concentrating on your goals, and not get dejected. Your skills are special, and differ from others. Try to highlight your USP, in front of the others. This will help you to develop a massive following of your own. Keep trusting your abilities, so that you do not go off track. In most cases, proper guidance from yoga teachers help. That is why, you need to take refuge under the best ones. And, the best ones are available at the best schools. You can join the course at a school, like Hari Om Yoga Vidya. It is one of the most prominent yoga schools in Rishikesh. The school staff is also very friendly and supportive. The environment has a huge role to play in the realm of yoga.

  • Moreover, once you get a job and start teaching, or you open your own studio, be creative. Develop a creative mind that is solution-focussed. Try to find out what mental and physical issues, the people in your community are facing. Research a lot more, and try to offer solutions to the problems. Once you find out the issues that people are facing, you can offer creative solutions to the problems. Advertise keeping in mind the same. Students will flock to you, in huge numbers.

  • If you are starting your own school, take it seriously. No matter what business you have, you have to plan strategically. The best school of yoga in Rishikesh, will also help you in this. Be clear about the financials from the very beginning. Always keep a target in mind, when you start taking students. There will be bills that you have to pay in the end of the month. So, make a business plan and stick to it.

Join the best yoga school in Rishikesh, Hari Om Yoga Vidya School to get the best assistance in your yoga teaching career. You will have to walk on the path yourself, but the right guidance makes sure that pits are few in number.


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