Satya (Truthfulness) A Moral Story Of A Thief


We all have listened to our mothers and grandmothers reading out Panchatantra tales, in our nascent years. The books contained pictures with explanations, about the values and practices suitable for everyone in general. A few days back, we stumbled upon an old story, in which a thief wanted to remain truthful. This nature of his, helped him to become a ruler of a village.

Let us start…

The Truthful Thief Raghu Steals Treasure

Raghu was a thief, and he stole things, to run a living. So, one day, it so happened, that Raghu met a holy sage in the forest. His divinity attracted him. He went up to him, and asked him for his blessings. The sage asked him, if he wanted anything. Raghu thought about it for a while, and then told the sage, that he wanted to get rid of at least one bad habit. So, the sage asked him about it.

Raghu thought about his bad habits. He knew, that he could not stop stealing, as he had to run his home. However, he came up with another bad quality, lying. He told the sage that would give up lying. The holy sage blessed him. Later, that evening, Raghu devised a plan to steal the royal treasure. So he sneaked into the palace, after sundown. However, he was not aware, that the king was himself on patrol, disguised as a common man. When Raghu saw the King, he could not identify him, as he was in a commoner’s clothes. The King told him, that he was also a thief. Together, they decided to steal the treasure. After having divided the booty, they saw three diamonds. The king asked him, how they were supposed to divide the three diamonds. Raghu told the King, that they could take one each, and leave one for the king.

The king asked Ragu for his address, so that both could collaborate on their next stealing expedition. Raghu shared his address. Both left.

Discovery Of The Loot

In the morning, the royals found out that, the treasure had been stolen. The king was also informed. He behaved, as if he did not know anything. He ordered the minister to check what happened. The minister went to survey the treasury. He found only one diamond there, and decided to keep it with him. He later told the king, that the treasury was empty. The king had written the thief’s address on a piece of paper, which he gave to his minister.

The minister sent the guards to catch Raghu, and he was produced in court. Raghu could not identify the king, in all his finery. When the King asked him, if he had stolen the treasures, Raghu admitted. But he also said, that he had left a diamond for the king. However, the king realized soon that, the minister had said that there was nothing. He understood, that his minister was actually dishonest. The king turned to the thief, and asked him why he admitted his folly so soon. Raghu told him, of his words with the sage.

The king was impressed. He suspended the royal honours of his minister, and appointed Raghu as the minister.

Truthfulness – Moral of the Story

Truthfulness or satya, is one of the Yamas in yoga. It signifies things that you should refrain from doing. As parents, or family members, you should teach your children or other family members, the significance of Satya or truthfulness. It can bring you good returns, in the long run. If you learn yoga in the best yoga school in Rishikesh, the teachers often refer to such stories, to make you understand, why you are studying the theoretical principles of yoga. Your journey begins from there on.

Children can also enrol in such courses for short term, to imbibe the qualities from a young age. Hari Om Yoga Vidya School is one of the most successful yoga schools in Rishikesh today, where you can get such moral education.

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