What Is 200 Hour Yoga TTC?

200 Hour Yoga TTC

If you want to embark on the career of a yoga teacher, then you must join the 200 hour yoga ttc. It is one of the entry level courses, that will give you the first-hand knowledge of the yoga realm. You may see various other courses in the yoga market, and some that promises or gives job guarantees. However, you should know, that there is nothing called a job guarantee. The 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh  is one of the most elaborate courses that you can study at your level. 

200 Hour yoga TTC

It is a very comprehensive course, which includes all the subjects and modules that can give your yoga teaching career a jumpstart. The journey will take you through 1 month of fascinating explorative activities and discoveries. You will learn various topics as a part of the course, like asanas, meditation, breathing techniques, mudras, bandhas, kriyas and alignments. You may think, that there is nothing new in this. However, you are missing out on one point, or rather two. The 200 Hour Yoga TTC course is a Yoga Alliance certified one and secondly, you should also see the school. One such school, Hari Om Yoga Vidya, is one of the most prominent ones in Rishikesh. You will get the perfect boost, if you happen to join such a course. 

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Decoded 

This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training  course comprises Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga-Vinyasa Flow. These are two different and opposite forms of yoga forms, with different benefits. However, there is a common thread, and that is the empowerment of the physical body. You can avail yourself of the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course to learn these forms. 

Asanas – If you go by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, you will find that asanas form the third limb out of the eight limbs. However, asanas can give you that physical stamina, which you want. They will help you to build upon the balance and stability part. If you work on your outer body, it paves the way for you to perfect the inside. Once you are fit from inside, you will be able to direct all the earthly energies to achieve higher goals. You will get the correct guidance in performing all the asanas, with all safety precautions in place. And, you do not need to know about yoga. It is for beginners. 


Anatomy and Physiology – These are important modules as a part of the 200 Hour yoga TTC course, as without the knowledge of the internal body parts, you cannot guide your students toward betterment. There will be students in your class, who may have injuries and internal chronic illnesses. So, you cannot just ask them not to practice yoga. You need to guide the students and help them to work around their injuries. Moreover, you will be able to work with students, by making their alignments better. Modifications and variations are also a part of the 200 Hour Yoga TTC course

Yoga Philosophy – You cannot pursue a course, such as the 200 hour yoga ttc, without knowing about the lineage or background. So, this portion of the syllabus is also highly important. You must read about the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, which is the main basis of Hatha yoga practice. Through these Vedic texts and scriptures, you will also learn about the very essence of the lineage you are studying. Moreover, you also learn about the ethics of a teacher. 

Pranayama – It is another yoga subject, that deals with breathing modalities. You will learn about the science of breathing, the different types of breathing, and Pranayamas. After a few sessions of practice, you will be able to understand that it is the very basis of yoga practice. As you become more proficient in your practice, you will find the breath guiding the movements. Breath-initiated movements star prominently in most yoga asanas or forms. 

Meditation – You will also learn about various meditation types. The teachers will guide you in the same. Guided meditation is one of the most prominent meditation modalities that fare on this list. Then there is mantra meditation and Yoga meditation. Yoga is itself a meditation, no matter which pose you undertake. The 200 hour yoga TTC will take you on a whirlwind journey of the yogic realm. 

This 200 Hour Yoga TTC  course is the minimum requirement, to start in yoga teaching. 

Yoga Alliance Certification and School Recognition

You can avail yourself of the Yoga Alliance certification, which will help you to get a certificate or accreditation, which is renowned globally. So, after the completion of the course, you are automatically catapulted to a pedestal, where you get instant recognition and more prospects. Your name also goes on the yoga directory, so you may get a call anytime from a school anywhere across the world. 

The certification or accreditation is one of the best, that you can lay your hands on. It will help you to make the most of the situations. Moreover, you also stay ahead of the competition. That is another feather in the cap for all those, who do this course. You can automatically get all the updates for upcoming courses for advancement, at low rates. That is something useful, as you need to continue to learn and re-learn things to stay up to date with the times. 

The school, which you choose for your certification also assumes a lot of importance here. You should choose a school like Hari Om Yoga Vidya School, which has been around for a long time. So, that ensures experience and hold in the sector. You will find the syllabus to be fairly comprehensive. The school has the best management, which takes active interest in your pursuits. The course will also help you to check out places that are beyond the classroom. Visit the cave where, seers and sages like Vasishta accomplished their journey and succeeded in getting salvation. The place, Rishikesh is also one of the tuning points in the journey, as it is where all the exchange of yogic knowledge took place centuries ago. 

You will also get the best infrastructure at the school, as it is a residential one. The accommodation and food are also well taken care of. There is complete organization at the centre, to show you the way. 





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